Movieday is an Italian theatre-on-demand platform which allows you to organize a screening or pre-book a ticket for an event in a cinema of your city.

1. How is is possible to attend to an existing event?

Enter, check Eventi, and see where you can find an event of the film you have chosen. Follow the instruction and pre-book a ticket. If a minimum number of tickets requested by the cinema is achieved, the event is confirmed. If not, you won’t have lost any money. No withdraw will be made.

 2. How to create an event?

Select Crea Evento and follow the instructions
– Choose a film from the catalogue
– Choose a city and a movie theatre
– Choose the date and the time (be sure you have at least 4 weeks for the promotion)
– Check how many pre-booked tickets are necessary to confirm the event and the cost of the ticket.
– Fill up the form with your data and create the event. You will be contacted in a couple of working days for the confirm of the creation of the event.

You have your event page
– Invite your friend and promote the event through social media, your personal network and emails
– Tickets have to be pre-booked on the Movieday platform before the deadline

Spread the buzz!
Movieday will take care of the organization, you will only have to involve your friends and make them pre-book a ticket.


Easy, isn’t it?
So, screen The Perfect Circle in a cinema of your city!