The Story

 Earth to earth, water to water. The body weight of a newborn child is up to 85 percent water, but in adulthood, the ratio can be cut into half. In a way, people dry up as they grow older.

In Claudia Tosi’s documentary, people drink water, watch the rain and wait for their death. The Perfect Circle depicts a man and a woman, Ivano and Meris, who spend their final days at a hospice in the hills of Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy. Their illnesses are in the terminal stage and they know that death is only a matter of time. But the ever-nearing end may fleetingly be forgotten, like when they close their eyes and get lost in the music – until the bodies being carried out next door once again remind them of the inevitable. Death also becomes a part of life for the patients’ loved ones, who want to spend the last available moments with the soon to be departed.

The narration treats the protagonists respectfully, advancing steadily like the wall clock ticking in the background or the falling raindrops. The dignified approach is only disturbed by the patients’ own attempts at morbid humour.

 Note of the author

The idea for The Perfect Circle comes from a personal experience of mine. My mother has died after having suffered for 19 years from a progressive disease. Every day could have been her last one, so I got used to her “temporary life”. While being close to her, I went through a very strong and confrontational emotional journey that ended with the comfortable feeling of being at the right place and at the right time, when I was close to her.

After she passed away, I thought of making a film about my experience. When I found the “Hospice Madonna dell’Uliveto”, I realized it was the perfect place where to set my story. Patients and their families enter the hospice in a devastating state and are lead through a cathartic trip, even though not always acceptance of death is reached. Two patients caught my attention, Ivano and Meris, persons in completely different emotional phases. Soon I was dragged into their lives, being called to leave the safe area behind the camera.

Claudia Tosi

Claudia Tosi was born in Modena and has studied at the University of Bologna, as a Philosophy major. She has worked as a creative documentary filmmaker and producer since 2003 and established Movimenta in 2004. Claudia has attended EAVE in 2011, EURODOC in 2012, IDFA summer Lab in 2014, Berlinale Talents (Doc Station) in 2015 and EWA Multiple stream revenue Training Course in 2015.

Major Filmography

2015- The Perfect Circle, 55’ and 75’, Italy-Slo-NL-UK, Produced by Movimenta, in co-production with Petra Pan Film Production, Miafilm and Cobosfilms (Ita-Slo-UK-NL). It has won Moral Approach Award at Makedox. In competition at Trieste Film Festival, Festival dei Popoli, Visioni Fuori Raccordo and Docpoint-Helsinki Film Festival.

2015- On my way home, 65’, Italy, Own Air for TV2000.

2009 – Mostar United, 55’ and 75’, Italy-Slovenjia, produced by Stefilm; co-produced by Petra Pan Film Production; co-produced by CHELLO MULTICANAL; YLE, LICHTPUNT, NRK, TSI, TV BOSNIA, RTV SLOVENJA; Best documentary at DOKMA-Slovenjia 2009; 2nd     Prize of the Audience at Trieste film Festival 2009; nominee for PRIX EUROPA 2009; in competition at IDFA; selected for Sarajevo Film Festival 2009;

2007 – Building the Winter Games, 3×46’ Stefilm International for Discovery Channel Europe

2004 – Private Fragments of Bosnia, 52’, Italy, produced by Movimenta, Best Documentary at Genova film Festival 2004, Best Documentary at Mediterraneo Video Festival 2005, Selected for IDFA 2004, Selected for “Festival dei Popoli”, Firenze 2004, selected for One world – Human rights festival, Prague and broadcasted by TSI (Switzerland) and YLE (Finland).